Initially refusing to vaccinate, Mexican President AMLO takes first dose

amlo vaccine mexico
Mexican President López Obrador in Mexico City. Photo: Octavio Hoyos/Shutterstock

Mexican President Andrés Manuel “AMLO”López Obrador spent two full weeks saying he wouldn’t take a coronavirus vaccine, claiming he had “enough antibodies” after testing positive for Covid-19 in January. However, he decided to cave and received a first jab, hoping it will set an example for the Mexican population. “It doesn’t hurt and helps a lot, protecting us all,” he said.

Though still refusing to use a face mask — which he said he would only use “once corruption in Mexico is over” — the president asked all Mexican citizens to take a vaccine.

In 2020, AMLO granted “free and universal” vaccines for all Mexicans, but the rollout is still in jeopardy. As of April 18, only around 3 percent of Mexico’s 127 million people have been fully vaccinated. Roughly 14.4 million have received a first dose.