Chile study: CoronaVac reduces Covid-19 deaths by 80 percent

coronavac vaccine chile
Photo: Oneye Images

A study unveiled by the Chilean Health Ministry on April 16 showed an 80-percent reduction in coronavirus-related deaths 14 days after patients took a second shot of the Chinese-made CoronaVac vaccine. The survey gathered infection, hospitalization, and mortality data from more than 10 million vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals aged over 16. 

According to the study, the chances of dying from Covid-19 are 88.5 percent lower among those who received the CoronaVac. In Chile, nine out of every ten jabs use the Chinese vaccine.

The new findings come at a good time. Despite having Latin America’s fastest vaccine rollout — with almost 30 percent of its 19 million inhabitants fully vaccinated — Chile is experiencing an all-time high of coronavirus infections and deaths. Several experts say the country’s efficient vaccination plan has led to negligence and a false sense of security regarding Covid-19 restrictions.  

As of April 16, 1.1 million Chileans have been infected and more than 24,700 died from the disease, giving the country South America’s seventh-highest per capita mortality rate.