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Why Chile rejected its new constitution

With the draft constitution soundly beaten, President Gabriel Boric promised moderation, dialogue with the political center, and changes to his cabinet — but he will insist on a second draft

Why Chile rejected its new constitution
Opponents to the draft presented by the Constitutional Assembly celebrated the victory of the “I reject” option. Photo: Alberto Valdés/EFE/Folhapress

In the space of two years, the buzz of excitement generated by the idea of constitutional reform in Chile has given way to a sea of disconformity. In October 2020, over 78 percent of voters were in favor of writing a new Constitution; on Sunday, they gave their final opinion on the actual charter drafted by a constituent assembly. 

The results were a resounding defeat for the “I approve” camp, as only 38 percent of Chileans backed the new Constitution. Meanwhile, 62 percent of voters went against it, with more than 99 percent of ballots counted.

While polls flagged the...

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