Latin America

Latin American politics to feel the impact of recent fuel hikes

Oil price shocks have often sparked socio-political unrest in Latin America. With slow growth and high inflation exacerbated by the war in Ukraine, the region could see more turmoil this year

fuel prices latin america
Gas station in La Macarena, Colombia. Photo: Free Wind 2014/Shutterstock

From Peru to Honduras, multiple countries in Latin America have recently experienced political turmoil linked to high gas prices. Going back a few years, we can mention protests which disturbed Mexico in 2017, halted Brazil for a week and a half in 2018 (and had a massive impact on growth), and nearly brought a president down in Ecuador in 2019.

In a region where infrastructure and public transport are so underwhelming, citizens are very exposed to the fluctuation of fuel prices — which can eat up families’ purchasing power. Gas prices not only affect people’s daily transportation routine but also pressure...

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