Latin America

Same-sex marriage next target for Cuba’s liberal reforms

After overhauling its constitution in 2018, the Communist Party is now turning its attention to laws on family and gender, after admitting state-sanctioned homophobia in the past

LGBTQ flag in Old Havana. Photo: Arodel/Shutterstock
LGBTQ flag in Old Havana. Photo: Arodel/Shutterstock

When Miguel Díaz-Canel was appointed president in 2018, putting an end to Cuba’s six-decade-long Castro Era, it came as an inflection point for the island. Mr. Díaz-Canel opened a path for liberal economic reforms that eventually ended Cuba’s dual currency scheme, allowed small and medium-sized private companies to operate, and even considered “adjusting communism to the global market.”

Changes came on the social front, too, as the traditionally conservative country began creating a more tolerant Cuba for LGBTQIA+ people — in the past frowned upon and persecuted by the ruling Communist Party. It even toyed with the...

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