Latin America

Boric seeks friendship with Bolivia. But won’t touch on border issues

Chile and Bolivia have shared bad blood for well over a hundred years and have no formal diplomatic relations. However, new President Gabriel Boric is looking to change that

Border between Chile and Bolivia. Photo: JfStock
Border between Chile and Bolivia. Photo: JfStock/Shutterstock

Though they share an 861-kilometer-long land border, Chile and Bolivia have not held formal diplomatic relations since 1978, largely due to long-held disputes stemming from the War of the Pacific in the late 19th century. But now, Chile’s newly-sworn in President Gabriel Boric has called for change, extending a neighborly hand to Bolivia.

In his first appearance in front of the international press on Monday, Mr. Boric said it is “absurd” that two nations that share “many elements of integration and history” continue giving each other the cold shoulder. 

“The last time we had diplomatic relations was...

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