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Mexico bans hugs and kisses to curb gender violence

With high rates of femicide and sexual harassment in Mexico, the federal government introduced bans on greetings and comments which can be construed as "sexually suggestive"

mexico gender violence
Hundreds of women marched on Mexico’s seat of government on March 8, 2021. Photo: Clicks de Mexico/Shutterstock

Rules, measures, and initiatives to curb sexism and gender violence can come in all shapes and sizes — and with wildly varying degrees of success. However, new directives from the Mexican government appear to take the cake. According to a new code of ethics published in the country’s official gazette earlier this month, civil servants in Mexico are now forbidden from greeting their coworkers with hugs or kisses in the hope of stamping out instances of misconduct that could lead to public harassment and lawsuits against employees.

Meanwhile, flirting and sexually suggestive jibes are also banned, in line with an...

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