Latin America

The complexity of the anti-vax movement in Bolivia

Not all anti-vax groups are cut from the same cloth. In Bolivia, cultural gaps fuel government distrust among indigenous peoples

anti-vax bolivia
Indigenous groups protest in La Paz. Photo: Radoslaw Czajkowski/Shutterstock

With 67 percent of people fully immunized (and 78 percent having taken at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine), South America is by some margin the world’s leader in getting jabs in arms — despite a slow start to its rollout last year. Much of this has been down to public eagerness, as the region has a generally high trust in vaccines. However, some anti-vax pockets remain.

In Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro has sought to repackage typical American culture wars, reinforcing individual freedoms and the right to choose not to vaccinate. But in neighboring Bolivia, resistance to immunization is...

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