Latin America

Peru’s Pedro Castillo enters 2022 with tough decisions to make

Elected on a platform of social change, Pedro Castillo is finding life as Peru's president a lot harder than he could ever have imagined

peru castillo president
Peruvian President Pedro Castillo: no honeymoon period with the people. Photo: EFE via Folhapress

Peru’s history of sociopolitical turmoil appears to be deeply rooted in the country’s daily life, leaving the prospects of a full year of political stability slim for any president. For left-wing President Pedro Castillo, it has been no different. While 2022 is set to be Mr. Castillo’s first full year in office, it could very well be his last.

Corruption scandals, social unrest, a tanking currency, and a fragile economic scenario exacerbated by the pandemic are just a few obstacles that have marked the first six months of the former union leader’s government. Indeed, the controversy began before he had...

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