Latin America

Luck turns around for main informant in Mexico’s Odebrecht scandal

Emilio Lozoya, former head of state-owned oil giant Pemex, promised to point the finger at three former presidents, but now faces decades of jail time himself

odebrecht Former Pemex boss Emilio Lozoya. Photo: Tanya Lara/Shutterstock
Former Pemex boss Emilio Lozoya. Photo: Tanya Lara/Shutterstock

Brazil’s Operation Car Wash anti-corruption probe has upended politics far beyond the country of its origin. In Peru, investigations tied to Odebrecht S.A, now renamed Novonor, the Brazilian construction conglomerate, have led to the downfall of multiple former presidents. Alejandro Toledo is now under house arrest in the U.S., Ollanta Humala could face 20 years behind bars, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigned from the presidency in 2018, and looming arrest orders even led to former two-time president Alan García taking his own life in 2019.

In Mexico, one person promised to unleash a similar amount of mayhem: Emilio Lozoya Austin, former...

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