Latin America

Argentina’s agribusiness plan casts doubt on climate goals

The plan agreed between the government and the sector faces questions over its impact on Argentina’s emissions reduction targets

argentina agribusiness
Grain silos in Argentina. Photo: Mix Tape/Shutterstock

Argentina aims to significantly increase production and exports of agricultural products over the next decade, according to a new plan providing incentives for the agribusiness sector.

On November 11, the Argentinian executive branch submitted a draft to the lower house consisting of its plan to promote “federal, inclusive, sustainable, and exporting agro-industrial development,” foreseeing a set of benefits for agricultural, agro-industrial, and forestry investments in Argentina for the next 10 years.

The plan, which will be debated in Congress, was created as a result of an agreement between President Alberto Fernández’s government and major agribusiness leaders. Industry estimates claim...

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