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How will Chile’s presidential election impact its constitutional assembly?

The 155-seat assembly will present a new draft of the constitution in mid-2022. But who Chile chooses as its next president stands to seriously affect how the assembly proceeds

chile constitutional assembly
Constitutional assembly members attend a session, in Santiago. November 3, 2021. Photo: Ivan Alvarado/Reuters/Alamy

SANTIAGO – In his personal office at his home in the affluent neighborhood of Providencia, Fernando Atria, 53, collects dozens of books – some of which he wrote himself. A law professor at the University of Chile, Mr. Atria is now at work on his most important task to date: helping draft Chile’s new Constitution, which will replace Augusto Pinochet’s longest-lasting legacy.

The scholar is part of the left-leaning majority in the Constitutional Assembly (forces left of center won roughly two-thirds of the 155 seats). He hosted The Brazilian Report at his home to discuss how the presidential election will...

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