Latin America

Left-wing Gabriel Boric elected Chile’s next president

At 35, Gabriel Boric will become Chile's youngest president. He now faces the challenge to lead a nation distraught by economic inequality

President-elect Gabriel Boric
Now President-elect Gabriel Boric speaking during his closing campaign rally in Santiago. Photo:

SANTIAGO — The clock hit 7 pm when residents on Serrano street in downtown Santiago heard shouts and celebrations from inside Hotel Fundador, where Gabriel Boric, now Chile’s president-elect, was holed up with his top campaign officials. 

By that time, they could already hear chants of “Se siente, se siente, Boric presidente” (“We feel it, we feel it, Boric is president”) from his supporters outside. The 35-year-old congressman from the southern province of Magallanes knew that he had won the country’s runoff election. With half of the ballots counted, Mr. Boric opened a 10-point lead over his far-right opponent, José...

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