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Links to Brazil help shape presidential campaigns in Chile

José Antonio Kast has formed a close friendship with the Brazilian president's son, while Boric on the left warns Chile "not to make the same mistake as Brazil" by electing the far-right

chile bolsonaro kast boric
Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and Chilean far-right politician Jose Antonio Kast meet in Santiago in December 2018. Photo: Ivan Alvarado/Reuters/Alamy

SANTIAGO — “Dear Jair, I send you warm greetings from Chile, and wish you a speedy recovery from the infamous attack that you have been subjected to. When I saw the news about the attack, I was deeply shocked by the level of violence and hatred that can arise in politics, and that lead people to commit these unacceptable crimes for the sole purpose of stopping your candidacy.”

This letter, sent in September 2018 to Jair Bolsonaro — the then-frontrunner of the Brazilian presidential election — was penned by far-right outsider Chilean politician José Antonio Kast, who is now days...

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