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Chile’s government is playing the Kast game. Will that help or hurt him?

The unpopularity of the incumbent could make Piñera's support a poison chalice for Kast

Kast piñera
President Sebastián Piñera seems to have engaged in helping José Antonio Kast win the 2021 election. Photo: Matias Baglietto/Shutterstock

SANTIAGO — According to Chilean law, public officials cannot get personally involved in electoral campaigns without first stepping down from their positions. Statements and measures with electoral implications from high-ranking government officials usually spark swift reactions from watchdogs, reminding the government of its duty to remain neutral during the electoral season.

“Authorities must give clear signals to the public that they have a real commitment with integrity, exercising their functions without placing particular interests over the general good,” warned Gloria de la Fuente in November. Ms. De La Fuente is the president of the Council for Transparency, an independent office responsible...

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