Latin America

The legal battles between Cristina Kirchner and Mauricio Macri in Argentina

Both former presidents are at the heart of multiple criminal investigations, often for political reasons, with each side using corruption allegations as weapons against one another

argentina courts kirchner macri
“Does the Supreme Court belongs to the Republic or is it a fiefdom?,” protesters ask in Buenos Aires. Photo: Mariano Gaspar/Shutterstock

If you are even just a casual observer of Latin American politics, you will probably have stumbled upon news of former Presidents Cristina Kirchner and Mauricio Macri of Argentina being prosecuted, indicted, or summoned in some way due to various cases of corruption and government abuse. 

This week alone, Ms. Kirchner received good and bad news: she was acquitted in a case concerning transactions relating to her Patagonia hotels but also drew an unfriendly judge in the appeals court. Meanwhile Mr. Macri was indicted for spying on relatives of the 44 marines who died during the sinking...

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