Latin America

Opposition competes in Venezuelan elections, but Maduro wins again

Doubts over the fairness of gubernatorial races persist, but the opposition missed a chance to challenge Nicolás Maduro with it still riven by internal divisions

venezuela election elections
Election day in Valencia, Carabobo state, was characterized by high abstention and the presence of elderly voters. Photo: Elena Fernandez/Zuma Press Wire/Alamy

Venezuelan elections are no simple affair. Government bans, opposition boycotts, questions over legitimacy, obscure legal controversies, wild swings in participation rates, and mass-scale migration out of the country make them quite hard to follow – and all this amid one of the worst economic crises that Latin America has seen in its history.

This week, the country elected governors for its 23 provinces, an election made particularly significant for being the first since 2015 in which most of the opposition participated.

The results, however, were not good news for critics of the Nicolás Maduro regime, with the opposition taking only...

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