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Fernández on the back foot ahead of Argentina’s midterm election

Crime and currency devaluation make the headlines as outsider libertarian economist Javier Milei tilts the political needle

argentina elections fernández
Vice President Cristina Kirchner and President Alberto Fernández during the closing campaign rally in the Buenos Aires province. Photo: Twitter/@Kicillofok

President Alberto Fernández of Argentina enters tomorrow’s midterm elections on the back foot. Not only did his administration suffer a resounding primary defeat two months ago, but the administration has spent the closing stages of the campaign under fire on issues that are key in any election, ranging from crime to the economy.

If the November 14 midterms show similar (or worse) results for Mr. Fernández than the September 12 primaries, the ruling Peronist coalition could lose the Senate for the first time in modern democratic history, opening the door to wider political changes.

The week of buildup saw a...

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