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Chile sees Sichel slip and Kast climb ahead of Election Day

Once treated as a credible presidential contender, Sebastián Sichel's campaign is in freefall. Taking his place is José Antonio Kast, once described as Chile's answer to Jair Bolsonaro

kast chile
Far-right wildcard José Antonio Kast has climbed considerably to reach second spot. Photo: Facebook/José Antonio Kast

The presidential race in Chile is changing.

Previously, former Social Development Minister Sebastián Sichel featured as a strong competitor, cultivating an image as a center-right moderate strong enough to defeat the country’s burgeoning left wing. The strategy seemed to pay off initially, earning him a victory in Chile’s right-wing primaries and putting him second in early polls. 

But now his candidacy looks to be collapsing fast.

Recent polls from a wide variety of consultancy firms show far-right wildcard José Antonio Kast climbing considerably to reach second spot, with Mr. Sichel falling to as far as fourth place in some...

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