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Private land law leads to clashes between police and indigenous groups in Paraguay

President Abdo ratified legislation increasing punishments for trespassing on private land, sparking virulent opposition from indigenous groups, which say the move "is the final step in the robbery of indigenous lands"

Private land law clashes Paraguay
Indigenous woman in Paraguay. Photo: Jairo Marcos/Flickr

Conflict erupted between indigenous groups and the Paraguayan government after Congress ratified a controversial bill increasing jail sentences for those who invade private property to up to 10 years. In Asunción, seven policemen were injured as protestors shot arrows and threw sticks and stones, while at least two protestors were wounded by rubber bullets and several cars were torched.

Protestors had given President Mario Abdo Benítez a 48-hour ultimatum to veto the law, but the head of state ratified the legislation one day after it had obtained congressional approval. “We had been analyzing the proposal for...

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