Latin America

Argentina’s midterm elections will be decisive for Fernández’s survival

The November elections will dictate the tone of the last two years of the Alberto Fernández administration, as defeat in key constituencies could significantly reduce its authority

argentina midterm elections
Photo: SC Image/Shutterstock

Argentina’s voting season is underway, after parties last week confirmed their candidates for the September 12 primaries and the November 14 midterm election proper, with TV campaigns officially starting on Monday, August 9.

The most salient result of the nomination process is that the ruling Frente de Todos coalition will run undivided in most key districts, while the opposition’s tickets will be decided between several alternatives available in the primaries.

In Buenos Aires Province – the behemoth holding more than one-third of the Argentinian population and by far the most important battle of any Argentinian midterm – President Alberto Fernández...

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