Latin America

Castilo-Fujimori presidential clash opposes rural and urban Peru

Ahead of a tight runoff vote, Pedro Castillo enjoys huge support in Peru's less developed rural regions, while Keiko Fujimori — an ex-dictator's daughter — will win the vote in capital Lima

peru castillo keiko
“No more poor people in a rich country” is Pedro Castillo’s slogan. Photo: J. Erick Brazzan/Shutterstock

In two weeks, voters in Peru will return to the polls and make their final decision on the country’s next president. Their choice is between Pedro Castillo, a populist left-wing trade unionist, and Keiko Fujimori, an extreme-right congresswoman who is the daughter of former dictator Alberto Fujimori. 

The fact that Mr. Castillo even made it to the presidential runoff came as a shock for most Peruvians. Opinion polls in the lead-up to the vote ranked him in seventh place. Noticeably stunned himself, Mr. Castillo thanked the rural voters who propelled him to the second round, greeting those “who have...

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