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Number of the week: Benítez dodges ousting in Paraguay

President Mario Abdo Benítez of Paraguay has survived a congressional vote to oust him, as the pandemic hits its worst phase in the country

Paraguay Mario Abdo Benítez escapes
Paraguay Mario Abdo Benítez (center) in under fire. Photo: Presidencia de la República del Paraguay

Welcome to “Number of the Week,” where we choose a single figure that helps us understand what is going on in Brazil. This week’s number is about how the president of Paraguay managed to keep his office despite political and sanitary unrest:

42-36 vote

One of the first Latin American countries to close its borders when the pandemic struck, Paraguay managed to avoid a large-scale health crisis for months. But when the crisis did hit, it hit hard. The coronavirus is now spreading faster than ever in Paraguay, and hospitals report dramatic medicine shortages and nearly no remaining...

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