Latin America

Score-settling to deepen political divisions in Bolivia

Luis Arce's government arrested his predecessor for her role in the 2019 coup in Bolivia. The move seems more about revenge than justice

bolivia jeanine anez political divisions
Jeanine Áñez: a case which starts with a guilty party and not a crime. Photo: Radoslaw Czajkowski/Shutterstock

Over the weekend, Jeanine Áñez — who served as the interim president of Bolivia between November 2019 and 2020 — was arrested at her home on terrorism and sedition charges. Four months after taking office, Bolivia’s new President Luis Arce is now going after several of the characters involved in the 2019 coup that ousted his political godfather, Evo Morales, in a move that looks more like political score-settling than justice.

The justice system also targeted five members of the Áñez cabinet, as well as Army General Williams Kaliman and former police chief Yuri Calderón. Much more than Ms. Áñez,...

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