Cuba banking on homemade vaccine, promises 100 million doses

Having obtained success in containing its Covid-19 epidemic, Cuba is now making strides with the development of its own coronavirus vaccine

cuba homemade vaccine pandemic
Image: André Chiavassa/Shutterstock

In Brazil, it is common for anyone even slightly to the left of Jair Bolsonaro to be told to “go to Cuba” by the president’s most vociferous supporters. The flawed rationale behind the ‘insult’ is that the far-right sees the socialist island as a miserable hellhole, and that anyone who disagrees with Mr. Bolsonaro must be a card-carrying communist.

But since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, some of the president’s opponents might just heed this advice, as Cuba has handled the Covid-19 crisis better than almost all of its neighbors and is now close to producing its own...

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