Latin America

Biden and the U.S.-China-Latin America Triangle

The U.S. prepares for a change in leadership, but Joe Biden is likely to maintain a hardline towards China as it advances in Latin America

Biden china latin america
U.S. President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Photo: Christos S/Shutterstock

In the U.S., all eyes are fixed on how President-elect Joe Biden will handle the growing pandemic, a struggling economy, and a polarized nation. And then there is the matter of the country’s relationship with China — the U.S.’ number one trading partner, and an emerging rival superpower in the Western hemisphere.

Mr. Biden has already selected his foreign policy team, which includes the first woman leading the intelligence community and the first Latino in charge of the Department of Homeland Security. The transition team’s discourse already differs significantly from the Trump administration, especially concerning migration and climate...

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