South America’s Covid success story sees cases rise

Uruguay has been held up as an example to follow in combating the pandemic, but cases are rising fast over the past few weeks

Uruguay South America Covid success story sees cases rise
Uruguay is experiencing a spike in coronavirus cases. Photo: Futuristman/Shutterstock

The least-populated country in South America, Uruguay has become a reference in how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. By mid-November, the country had recorded only 5,117 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 74 deaths, giving it the smallest per capita rate of deaths anywhere in South America or Europe.

But this success is now being put in check. Despite recording days in the middle of the year with no new Covid-19 cases to speak of, Uruguay is now experiencing a peak. In the last two weeks, new coronavirus infections have regularly surpassed 100 on a daily basis.

The total number of...

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