Latin America

Covid-19 not the only disease plaguing Latin America

Upticks in dengue fever, cholera, and even diphtheria have caused additional health problems around Latin America

covid-19 latin america health disease
Loayza National Hospital in Lima, Peru. Photo: David Huamani Bedoya/Shutterstock

By the beginning of November, the Covid-19 pandemic had already infected more than 11.5 million people in Latin America, with deaths exceeding 410,000 and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) warning of a potential second wave of contamination. But the virus has not been the only health threat during the crisis, with diphtheria resurfacing in Peru, dengue fever terrorizing Paraguay, and Haiti still battling to beat cholera.

In November, Peru was put on nationwide alert after detecting the country’s first cases of diphtheria in 20 years, resulting in two deaths so far.

The first victim was a five-year-old...

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