A new Pink Tide in the Americas? Not so fast …

With recent electoral results veering to the left, some suggest another Pink Tide is on the horizon for Latin America. Experts are unconvinced

A new Pink Tide in the Americas? Not so fast …
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro waves during a 2019 summit of conservative South American leaders in Santiago. Photo: José Dias/PR

In 2019, Latin America endured a veritable political earthquake. Crises in Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru led to riots, coups, and the dissolving of local congresses. One year on, we are beginning to see the effects of this unrest at the ballot boxes.

Argentina went first at the end of last year, voting out neoliberal President Maurício Macri and turning left. In October, Bolivia swept the Movement for Socialism party back into power in a landslide victory, less than 12 months after Evo Morales had been ousted in a conservative-backed military coup. Progressive forces won in Chile’s...

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