Latin America

World’s longest lockdown didn’t avoid a coronavirus disaster in Argentina

Argentina has been in lockdown since March 20, yet the country is still posting high Covid-19 case and death numbers

argentina lockdown
“It’s not a pandemic, it’s a dictatorship,” reads sign of anti-lockdown protester. Photo: Mariano Gaspar/Shutterstock

Argentina was one of the first Latin American countries to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, with the government placing the country under lockdown by March 20 — even before European countries such as Germany. And, while most of the world has already returned to some version of normalcy, around 30 percent of Argentina’s population is still adhering to restrictive measures — even if many people stopped abiding by these rules — in what is the world’s longest lockdown.

However, that hasn’t prevented a major surge in new daily coronavirus cases and deaths, with the country posting much higher figures per million...

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