Latin America

Cold winters increase demand for Brazilian electricity in other countries

The three countries regularly exchange power as demand sees fit, with Argentina and Uruguay seeing increased consumption in winter

energy brazil argentina uruguay
Brazil’s Itaipu plant. Photo: Maila Facchini/Shutterstock

Brazil’s Mines and Energy Ministry has granted permission to a local power company to export electricity to Argentina and Uruguay. Copel Mercado Livre, the trading branch of the Paranaense Energy Company (Copel), had already gained the right to import power from the neighboring countries back in June, and now both licenses will be valid until December 2022.

The exchange of electricity with Argentina will take place by way of the Garabi and Uruguaiana power stations, both located in Brazilian border state of Rio Grande do Sul. The energy plants of Santana do Livramento and Jaguarão — in the same...

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