Latin America

Argentina’s judicial reform could spark a political crisis

Argentina's long-awaited judicial reform has come under criticism. The opposition claims the government is using the proposal to shield colleagues from corruption charges

Argentina judicial reform could spark a political crisis
“No more impunity,” reads sign carried during protest in Buenos Aires. Photo: Mariano Gaspar/Shutterstock

After recently agreeing on a deal with private creditors for the repayment of Argentina’s USD 65 billion debt, President Alberto Fernández was able to take a quick breather and think about the future. In the foreseeable short term, however, there are a number of gigantic issues to be solved, namely Argentina’s USD 44 billion debt to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Covid-19 pandemic, and a sweeping judicial reform in the country. The latter is the only one that depends solely on Argentina, yet it is also the most divisive.

The proposal to overhaul Argentina’s judiciary was submitted on July...

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