Latin America

Could Latin America give rise to ‘new Bolsonaros’?

With Bolsonaro in Brazil, other countries in the region are beginning to look at their own authoritarian and reactionary figures within their politics

latin america radicalism
Illustration: André Chiavassa/TBR

On June 6, a group of protestors gathered around the Obelisco monument in central Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital, to show their opposition to President Alberto Fernández’s extension of mandatory social isolation until the end of that month. Looking similar in phenotype and behavior to the regular crowds of Bolsonaro-supporting protestors that would take the streets every Sunday for the same cause, the mob decried the Argentinian press and screamed that “the pandemic doesn’t exist.” Amid the crowd, one demonstrator stood out, wearing a shirt bearing the face of Argentina’s former military dictator Jorge Rafael Videla.

“We need our general,” said...

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