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Has Ecuador turned the page on the Covid-19 pandemic?

Once home to the most harrowing scenes of the coronavirus outbreak, Ecuador is beginning to steady the ship, having flattened its infection curve

Has Ecuador turned the page on the Covid-19 pandemic?
Health Minister professionals test Ecuadorians for Covid-19. Photo: CarlosE_Video/Shutterstock

The coronavirus entered Ecuador through its main urban center, the port city of Guayaquil. The outbreak began with a number of people complaining of pulmonary problems, but doctors were unaware of what was going on. In no time, the city would witness some of the most horrific scenes of the coronavirus pandemic. The Guayas province — where Guayaquil is located — saw cases quickly jumping from 1,400 to more than 13,000. Daily horrors included literal trails of abandoned bodies on the streets. In hospitals, health professionals were forced to pile up corpses in bathrooms, as morgues simply couldn’t process the...

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