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Blanked by Brazil, Argentina turning to China for trade

Exports and imports between Brazil and Argentina fell over 50 percent in May, and China has now stepped in as the biggest buyer of Argentinian goods

Blanked by Brazil, Argentina turning to China for trade
Buenos Aires street. Photo: shu2260/Shutterstock

Beyond ideological supporters and the “anti-politics” vote, a significant portion of those who elected Jair Bolsonaro president in 2018 did so with an eye on the economy. During the campaign, the former Army captain declared he knew “nothing about economics” and the appointed ultra-liberal Paulo Guedes as his future czar for all things finance. With supporters of free trade and liberal economics firmly on board, Mr. Guedes set his stall out early, saying that South American trade bloc Mercosur (which also includes Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay) wouldn’t be a priority during his tenure and that “doing business with ideology”...

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