Venezuela joins Brazil in shady Covid-19 data practices

Official stats suggest Venezuela has been one of the most successful countries in dealing with Covid-19. But the data can't withstand any scrutiny

Venezuela joins Brazil in shady Covid-19 data practices
People in a Caracas shopping mall. Photo: Edgloris Marys/Shutterstock

Since South America was declared the world’s new Covid-19 epicenter by the World Health Organization (WHO) on May 22, with more than half a million confirmed coronavirus cases, things have only gotten worse. The situation has reached such a point that the Brazilian government has begun masking its official coronavirus numbers — no longer divulging total figures of deaths and cases, and disclosing contradictory data on daily deaths. As a result, Brazil was momentarily removed from Johns Hopkins University’s Covid-19 map, due to a lack of reliable figures. Despite revering the U.S. and coveting membership to the Organization for Economic...

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