Latin America

How not to invade a country: the Venezuela edition

An armed incursion on Venezuelan territory, reportedly backed by opposition leader Juan Guaidó, is the latest installment in the country's war of narratives

venezuela maduro passports
President Nicolás Maduro showing the passports of the men he says were hired to oust him. Photo: Miraflores

Whenever President Nicolás Maduro addresses Venezuela, bombastic and controversial statements are almost a certainty. However, this past weekend, Mr. Maduro sat in front of television cameras to deliver some truly shocking news, that Venezuelan forces had intercepted an armed plot to ‘capture’ him and take down his government

On Sunday, elite Venezuelan armed forces neutralized an armed incursion at Macuto Bay — less than 20 kilometers from the capital of Caracas — killing six mercenaries and arresting 13. Launched by sea from neighboring Colombia, the attackers were made up of Venezuelan dissidents and security contractors from U.S. company Silvercorp.

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