Guide to Brazil

How to become a Brazilian citizen

Migratory processes in Brazil are notoriously cumbersome and time-consuming, but the country's requirements for naturalization are fairly liberal

How to become a Brazilian citizen
Photo: Fernando Pedrotti/Shutterstock

For immigrants in Brazil, doing things “by the book” can be a challenge. Excessive bureaucracy, seemingly endless notary fees, lengthy waiting times, and contradictory information from authorities make processes of naturalization or residency tortuous and cumbersome. As a result, many expats are forced into illegality or, if they can afford it, spending vast amounts of money on hiring immigration lawyers.

Dealing with Brazil’s Federal Police for any migratory issues is a notorious time suck. Migration offices — which only open to the public during working hours — are invariably home to large crowds, long queues, and mind-numbing waits....

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