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São Paulo’s forgotten rebellion

São Paulo celebrates today the 1932 Constitutionalist Revolution. However, the state's history of battles and skirmishes goes beyond 1932

são paulo revolution
Demonstration against the federal government in São Paulo’s city center (1932). Photo: Public Archives

Today, July 9, is traditionally a public holiday in the state of São Paulo, commemorating the 1932 Constitutionalist Revolution, eventually quelled by President Getúlio Vargas. However, São Paulo’s history of battles and skirmishes goes beyond 1932. One particular uprising, that of 1924, has largely flown under the radar in the state’s history.

Cannons, trenches, bombings, roughly 5,000 injured and hundreds of deaths — not a scenario one would usually associate with Brazil. This was the setting for an entire month in São Paulo in the 1920s, as the country’s most important economic center saw itself caught up in a...

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