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The Brazilian Report

The Brazilian Report is an independent English-language media outlet uniquely positioned to offer an insider’s view on current affairs in Brazil. We put the news in perspective in order to understand the issues and allow you to forecast trends. We are trusted by diplomats, multinationals and foreign correspondents.

  • ?️ Daily in-depth articles about Brazil—with analysis, and exclusive insights.
  • ⏰ Brazil Daily: a newsletter every weekday morning, covering Brazil’s political and economic affairs.
  • ? Brazil Weekly: every Saturday, a digest to help you understand what happened during the week + a special report curated by our team. 
  • ? Explaining Brazil: our weekly podcast unpacks the most intriguing stories out there, with different experts every week. 
  • ?️ Brazil On The Record: A weekly report, compiling, contextualizing and explaining the most important laws and decrees published on Brazil’s Federal Register.