Why create a media outlet like The Brazilian Report?

Brazil is experiencing a crucial transition period. We’ve been rocked by the biggest anti-corruption investigations in our history, and are struggling to recover from a severe economic crisis. And all of that is just months prior to what will likely be the most divisive presidential campaign in our democratic history.

Our mission is to help non-Brazilians understand our country. We do this by providing original, in-depth content from Brazilian journalists – all in English. We analyze Brazil’s most pressing issues and explain events in context, giving you clear insight as to how Brazilian institutions and policies actually work.

What is The Brazilian Report’s editorial line?

We are firm believers in the rules of independent journalism. We’re here to put down the facts and discuss aspects of Brazilian society that we consider important – and we welcome a plurality of viewpoints on the issues. Though we might occasionally take a stance on the subjects we cover, our goal is to inform you, not convince you.

Why should I pay for a subscription?

Despite what the Internet might lead you to believe, free journalism doesn’t exist. As with any business, media outlets need to be financed. The money has to come from somewhere be it advertising, sponsored content, or native advertising.

Our articles are written by professional journalists who depend on their salaries to make a living. We believe that asking readers to pay a reasonable amount for a subscription is the best model to maintain our independence and public accountability.

We offer 3 subscription plans:

  1. access to our website content for $3.90/month;
  2. monthly access to our website and weekly report for $9.90/month;
  3. and, our best deal, annual access to our website and newsletter for $19.90/month.

You can test our offers free for 7 days before committing – and make sure to check out our list of 8 (good) reasons to subscribe.

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Does The Brazilian Report offer other services?

In addition to our website content and newsletter, we propose other services including:

In English, French, German, Spanish & Portuguese

  • Weekly/ monthly newsletters (white-label, custom-made)
  • Conferences
  • In-depth tailor-made reports
  • Custom content
  • Corporate content
  • News monitoring

What is the difference between the media outlet and the newsletters?

The content you’ll find on brazilian.report and the content included in the morning briefing and weekly report are very different.

The website will feature exclusive articles on issues ranging from politics to economics to history, written by our team of award-winning journalists and experts. The newsletter is a morning briefing that summarizes everything you need to know about Brazil before starting your workday. From Monday to Saturday, our editorial team distills the most pressing issues facing Brazil, adding insightful commentary and analysis. Ou weekly report sums up what happened during the week and provide a weekly chart as well as a special article on a topic selected by the redaction.

Is my payment secure?

The security of any transaction on our website is very important to us.

  • Your credit card information is collected on a secure HTTPS web page using SSL security protocols.
  • We use credit card processing firms that are fully PCI-DSS compliant, which means they meet all industry standards for cardholder security.

Is the “free trial” actually free?

Absolutely! We don’t ask for your credit card information during your 14-day trial period. You’ll be able to enjoy all the perks of our subscription offers without any commitment. If you don’t want to continue with us (though we hope that won’t be the case!), you won’t have to worry about unsubscribing to avoid unwanted payments.

Can I submit an idea for an article?

Yes! If you’re interested in collaborating with us as a columnist or a freelance reporter, drop us a line at [email protected].

I have a question, but don’t see it here.

We are always available at [email protected] or you can email our Communications Director, Laura Quirin, directly: [email protected]

Just send us an email and we’ll get back to you promptly.