Amazonian indigenous leaders make waves at COP27

Indigenous communities are some of the best protections against deforestation, and at COP27 they are seeking to gain influence in financial discussions over environmental preservation

Cop27 Climate Change Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh
Members of the ‘Indigenous Women Defenders’ group. Photo: EFE/SEDAT/Folhapress

At least 400 indigenous people speaking 300 native languages are spread across the 6.7 million square kilometers of the Amazon rainforest, an area that spans nine South American countries. Besides seeking to preserve their ancient traditions and ways of life, these communities also play a crucial role in protecting land and natural habitats.

Facing predatory threats from countless angles, the Amazon’s indigenous communities largely remain bastions of environmental conservation. Territories occupied by native groups have deforestation rates drastically lower than in the rest of the biome. 

And yet, even with the importance of keeping the forest standing, these indigenous groups...

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