Brazil’s Atlantic Forest will change more in next 50 years than any time since last ice age

Using data from the past 21,000 years, researchers have tried to predict the immediate effects of climate change on parts of Brazil's Atlantic Forest — the results are startling and a reason for concern

Atlantic Forest change ice age
Only 7 percent of the Atlantic Forest’s original coverage remains preserved. Photo: Photosla/Shutterstock

Brazil’s Atlantic Forest is one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth. Roughly one in every 50 plant and land-dwelling vertebrate species is endemic to the region and is found nowhere else in the world.

Stretching for 3,000 kilometers along much of Brazil’s coast and spreading inland as far as Argentina and Paraguay, the incredible biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest comes from its mosaic of different ecosystems, including natural grasslands, tropical rainforests, ancient forests adapted to wintry chills, misty mountainous “cloud forests,” and more.

But its eye-watering richness of life is in grave danger: the Atlantic Forest has been...

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