Widespread grain farming raising temperatures in the Amazon

A recent study found that average temperatures in the city of Belterra increased by almost 1 degree Celsius over 30 years, thanks to an increase in grain farming and deforestation

Widespread grain farming raising temperatures in the Amazon
Large soybean plantation in Rondônia, an Amazonian state in Northern Brazil. Photo: Paralaxis/Shutterstock

Climate change in Brazil is no longer just a concern for future generations, and this has been the case for some time. This year alone, simultaneous droughts and floods have caused havoc in the northern state of Amazonas. While land in some areas is drying up, rivers are bursting their banks in others. On a national scale, extreme weather events have become far more prevalent and severe, causing untold damage to livelihoods and economies.

Among the most feared effects of climate change in Brazil is the degradation and transformation of natural habitats. For years, experts have warned about the Amazon...

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