New plagues of locusts threaten South American crops

Swarms in Paraguay and Argentina threatened to destroy crops in southern Brazil earlier this year. Now, locusts return to the region

locusts argentina
Locust swarms in Argentina. Photo: Government of Cordoba

In May, farmers in Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil went on red alert over reports of locusts roving across the southeastern portion of the continent, demolishing crops as they go. However, despite traveling long distances over months until dissipating, the swarms did not reach Brazil, causing losses only in Paraguay and Argentina. But the danger has reared its head once more.

On Friday, Argentina’s Food Safety and Quality Service (Senasa) sounded the alarm when it found another swarm of locusts close to the towns of Campo Viera and Itacaruaré, in the northeastern Argentinian province of Misiones, bordering...

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