Fracking could bring earthquake risk to Manaus

The Amazonian city has never been bothered by seismic activity, but proposed hydraulic fracturing outside the city limits could lead to huge damages

Fracking could bring earthquake risk to Manaus
Many areas in Manaus faces serious urbanization issues. Photo: Guenter Manaus/Shutterstock

It is an often repeated falsehood that Brazil is unaffected by natural disasters. The floods that cause destruction in cities and villages around the country’s Southeast on an annual basis are an easy way to debunk this claim — while aggravated by nonsensical urban planning and lack of investment in damage limitation measures, these heavy rains are undoubtedly natural phenomena.

However, the sentiment behind the statement that “Brazil doesn’t have natural disasters” is really referring to earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. In this respect, yes, Brazil is almost completely untouched by these potentially deadly events. But, according...

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