Meat giant JBS once again linked to deforestation in Brazil

A report by Chain Reaction Research links JBS to farms that destroyed at least 1.7 million hectares of native vegetation over the last 12 years

jbs Livestock in the Amazon
Livestock in the Amazon. Photo: Marcio Isensee/Shutterstock

Back in June, Nordea Asset Management — the investment arm of northern Europe’s largest financial services group — dropped Brazilian meat giant JBS from its portfolio. The move was over JBS’ links to farms involved in Amazon deforestation, as well as its response to the coronavirus, and the sheer abundance of corruption scandals involving the firm over the past few years.

A new report by Chain Reaction Research, a think tank that conducts research related to deforestation and commodities, helps understand just how far the blame goes. JBS’s supply chain includes — directly and indirectly — farms that may have deforested...

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