New Sea Law could revolutionize protections in Brazil’s coastal areas

Politicians and environmentalists complain that the current legislation for Brazil's marine biome is over 30 years old. A new Sea Law could be about to change that

New Sea Law could revolutionize protections in Brazil's coastal areas
Photo: Sancastro/Shutterstock

At over 8,000 kilometers long, Brazil has the second-largest coastline in Latin America. But its picturesque coastal landscapes are under threat from uncontrolled urban growth, pollution, deforestation, and a host of other problems. These factors, along with constantly creeping climate change, could profoundly change the way of life of the 42 million Brazilians who live in coastal regions.

It is in this troubling milieu that Brazil’s Congress is attempting to pass Bill 6,969 — the so-called ‘Sea Law‘ — which would establish the National Policy for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Brazilian Marine Biome (PNCMar). After...

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