São Paulo reaches highest ICU occupancy rate since pandemic start

. Feb 22, 2021
São Paulo intensive care units, according to João Gabbardo João Gabbardo, head of the São Paulo Covid-19 response. Photo: Govesp

There are currently 6,410 coronavirus patients in São Paulo intensive care units, according to João Gabbardo, head of the state’s Covid-19 response. This is the highest figure since the beginning of the pandemic — even surpassing previous records set in July 2020.

Mr. Gabbardo says the numbers suggest patients require longer hospitalization times, meaning they are only seeking care in more severe cases of Covid-19. The state’s coronavirus committee issued a series of recommendations to Governor João Doria. 

“Reducing mobility is what we can do at this moment to contain the spread,” he told reporters, indicating that new restrictions should be enforced on Friday, February 26.

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