Manaus, Rio de Janeiro coronavirus variants spread to Northeast

. Feb 22, 2021
Manaus, Rio de Janeiro coronavirus variants spread to Northeast Covid-19 patients being transferred. Photo: Lt. Padoan e Danton/Ala 8

Researchers at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte encountered the P1 and P2 coronavirus variants in samples from Covid-19 patients in Natal, the capital city of the northeastern state. 

These variants were initially found in Manaus and Rio de Janeiro, suggesting they are now spreading throughout the country. The variants are known for being more contagious, which causes added concern in a state with 86 percent of its ICUs occupied. 

The situation forced the Rio Grande do Norte government to adopt stricter isolation measures, such as banning parties and closing restaurants. Alcohol consumption is forbidden after 10 pm for the next 14 days. 

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Natália Scalzaretto

Natália Scalzaretto has worked for companies such as Santander Brasil and Reuters, where she covered news ranging from commodities to technology. Before joining The Brazilian Report, she worked as an editor for Trading News, the information division from the TradersClub investor community.

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